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Check your
free CIBIL Score

Want to know your creditworthiness?
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Check your
free CIBIL Score

What Are The Requirements To Check Your Credit Score?

PAN Number

You simply need to input your Permanent Account Number.

Personal Details

You will find your personal information in your PAN, voter ID, passport, birth certificate, etc.

Employment Details

Information such as your employer, monthly salary, and type of employment might be required.

What Affects Your Credit Score

Payment History: 35%
Late payment or default on EMIs can harm your credit score. Late payment will be written down on your credit report which will negatively affect your score.
Credit Utilization: 30%
Higher credit utilization means that you lower your credit score. When credit is regularly used near to excess, your dependency on too much credit comes to light, and this causes low credit scores.
Credit Mix: 10%
A balance between unsecured and secured debts is key to gaining a better score. An ideal mix of secured and unsecured credit builds.
Length of Credit History: 15%
Longer the History Better the Score. The number of loans availed, and the number of failed applications impact your score depending on your rejections, and approvals.
New Credit: 10%
A higher number of credit accounts and hard inquiries influences your credit score. Ensure to focus on soft inquiries and limit the number of accounts you use.